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Our Twin Deck design provides spacious room underneath for many vehicle types while providing the operator with safety and the ability to tackle a diverse amount of scenarios.


  • Galvanized sub frame creates a strong support for the body extending the lifetime of your vehicle and provides protection against rust.

  • Payload varies bases on chassis, currently on the 7T IVECO you get 3200kg in total.

  • Wireless LODAR® remote control allows for full control of the body keeping you at a safe distance from the road.

  • Two lifting cylinders for stable fast lifting with over centre valves to ensure safety when operating the body at all times.

  • Storage box/boxes (available in multiple material types with an optional extra of internal lighting) Pivoting pins with grease points and safety locks for when moving and operating underneath the platform.

  • Tall vans can be placed underneath even with a vehicle loaded up top.

  • Pass through winch allows for winching on the top deck.

  • PTO available in Electric or engine mounted configurations.