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Recovery Truck Lights


We have been specialist fabricators of recovery truck bodies for over 10 years, over that time we have built a great reputation in the car transporter / recovery truck industry as one of the country’s leading suppliers.

Here at AMS we specialize in fabricating and fitting recovery truck bodies to chassis of both new and used vehicles. Our new build car transporters are usually based on Fiats, Nissan or Vauxhall chassis – but we are able to build custom bodies for almost any chassis.Our work has likely been done on any chassis you can think of, if you are not sure what you are after  just contact us and we’ll be very happy to advise you.

AMS is not your general fabricator, we are car transporter / recovery truck specialists, this is reflected in the quality of our product. Our transporter bodies use very lightweight but durable materials and have a level of attention to detail that very few can rival. Even the rivets and bolts that we use are specially sourced so that we know our recovery bodies meet both the needs for light weights but ensures durability that will survive out in the real world. This level of engineering means that our transporter bodies can meet type approval requirements if necessary. 

Our experience has taught us about the need for careful attention to details such as ramp angles and the choice of power and brand of winches that could make all the difference to our clients in their business. We listen and meet your needs accurately and economically, the core of our business is satisfied returning customers.

Another key part of the service that we offer is the ability to easily customize elements of our transporter bodies. We can change the colour of the grip paint or the strapping to match your company colours. In fact, we can use touches of colour and flair anywhere that you would like to really enhance the appearance of your truck so that your client’s first impression is always a good one.

Our customers come back to us time and time again because of our proven track record in supplying a superb product at a reasonable price and  great value due to lower than average maintenance and extended durability with increased lifespan.

We also build and sell car transporter trailers and smaller trailers too – along with all of the accessories that you may need for transporting cars: Winches, straps, ramps etc...

We are AMS… How can we help you?

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