DODGE RAM 3500 Tow truck UK



AMS has worked on and has experience building recovery truck bodies on a multitude of chassis. Below you will find listed some of our stocked brands that we build our bodies on regularly. If you have a chassis in mind that you want and we do not have it in stock don't hesitate to contact us to see what deal we can make for you.


Fiat Ducato Recovery Truck

The Fiat Ducato is a lightweight vehicle and our most popular vehicle that we offer. All our Fiat's come standard with air con. The fiat is a great platform for building the ABT, and F or E variants along with the ATS body. AL-KO also offers a special chassis conversion for the Ducato that increases the payload up to 100Kg.


Recovery Truck IVECO Daily

The new IVECO Daily has had a face lift from it's predecessor and has received a a large amount of standardized tech and upgrades to the interior. This truck is popular among our customers who perform a lot of towing day in and day out as this trucks sports a max towing capacity of 3500KG!



The DODGE RAM is a heavy duty vehicle, equipped with all the latest tech, the interior is luxurious and built for truckers in mind. This truck is a show stopper and a true game changer. We plan on outfitting these trucks with Spec Lifts for the ultimate tow truck in the UK, a true first of it's kind on our island.


Recovery Truck NV400
Repo Truck

The Nissan NV400 has been seen by our customers as a true work horse and a durable vehicle making it a first choice for many of our customers who really put their trucks to work. The Nissan Navara is our platform of choice for our small Tow truck spec lift design, compact and truly efficient for getting work done.


A work of art and supreme engineering. The Mercedes Sprinter sports luxury and a beautiful exterior providing your customers with reassurance and professionalism for yourself.


Renault Master Recovery Truck

The Renault has received a face lift from previous generations and a tech upgrade for the interior. Renault Masters now come with the option for a navigation screen.