Our tilt and slides have been designed to bring ease of use, style and durability all into one. Enjoy the fast speed of loading vehicles onto a platform in just over 40 seconds! 


  • Galvanized sub frame creates a strong support for the body extending the lifetime of your vehicle.

  • Teflon sliders on all sides of the rails ensure durability and minimize wear and tear as much as possible, keeping your truck on the road longer.

  • An all aluminium body allows for great payloads across all our truck models.

  • A Fully fitted PTO with a hand valve control system placed inside an easy to access box on the outside of the vehicle  along with a pressure gauges so you are in control at all times

  • Wireless LODAR® remote control allows for full control of the body keeping you at a safe distance from the road.

  • Two lifting cylinders for stable fast lifting with over center valves to ensure safety when operating the body at all times.

  • Storage box/boxes (available in multiple material types with an optional extra of internal lighting)

  • Front locking system prevents the body from twisting or moving during transit providing you with safe a smooth ride.

  • Pivoting pins with grease points

  • Teflon rollers to ease wear and tear when mounting the body on the ground.

  • High quality stainless pipes used for the construction of the hydraulics where possible ensures the truck is in it for the long run

  • Plastic wire chains for protecting all electrical equipment 


ATS-35: Designed for vehicles with a GVW of 3500


ATS-50Designed for vehicles with a GVW of 5000

(Optional extra of hydraulic winch)


ATS-70Designed for vehicles with a GVW of 7000

(Comes with a flyer for lights and has the option for a hydraulic winch)


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(Prices are a general guideline and vary for personal requirements and optional extras, get in contact with us to learn more and receive a quote if needed)



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