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AMS Recovery Trucks is hiring for up to £60,000 a year.

AMS Recovery Trucks is a growing company, we take pride in our manufacturing work, which is why we are one of the largest recovery truck manufacturers in the UK. Our company manufactures recovery truck vehicles; such as, beaver tails, spec lifts, tilt & slide beds and most recently dropside and tipper bodies.


We are looking for experienced fabricators, experience of more than 2 years is not mandatory but helpful. We will need to grade you on your Welding work, we operate both MIG and TIG welders.

◉ You will receive your own workshop where you will either work alone or with a partner.


◉ You will receive work clothes and all / any tools needed for the job. We provide all the material for you to be able to work comfortably.


◉ Working at AMS Involves welding, drilling and cutting skills.

Benefits of working at AMS


◉ On site we have bathrooms that are professionally cleaned often and even facilitate showers.


◉ We have more options for breaks, vacations and how long said vacations and breaks are with performance taken into account. (everyone gets their standard breaks and we offer flexible start times due to weather etc.)


◉ We also provide space to park your vehicle with plenty of spaces for everyone.


◉ We provide all safety equipment on site to ensure you have access to first aid in the unlikely case of an emergency.


◉ We hold company events where at times there are either gifts or food available, basics such as water or coffee are available at all times.

Our workforce is diverse, we speak English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, etc... If you struggle or are new to English it is not an issue.

If you wish to speed up the hiring process we welcome you to come in during our open times and hand in your details as well as have a chat if we are free. We may even ask to grade your welding work if possible so be prepared as the quality of welding is important to us.


Job Type: Full-time


Salary: Up to £60,000.00 per year



◉ Casual dress

◉ Company events

◉ Free parking

◉ On-site parking

Flexible Language Requirement:

English not required



10 hour shift

Monday to Friday

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